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Don't feel bad Darrin.  Tom and Al put everybody to sleep!  See ya at the February S&T!

Enjoy the following photos!

Caleb Beck was hard at work but I’m not sure what it was.  I bet we will see it at the next S&T..

Big Daddy Bridenstein was working on the base to his new European trolley(??).  I can’t wait to see this completed!  Member Tom Ralya is a trolley/interurban fan so he was fascinated as well..

We had a great turnout for the Work Session.  Bob Thompson celebrated his 68th birthday (1/17) by bringing in cookies.  We all wanted cake and ice cream but then you don’t always get what you want!  Seriously, thanks, Bob, and happy birthday!  For some reason (I think it was the handouts!) Amber hung out with us the entire meeting.  That was different.  Or maybe she liked being with Danny?  Speaking of Danny, check out the two photos of his 1/32 B-25 Mitchell cutaway WIP.  Dan and I left the meeting early to do a photo shoot prior to painting and assembly.  He truly is a Master Modeler…absolutely incredible.  During the meeting, Dan was working on a 1/32 Ju87D Stuka.