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Thanks to everyone for making our S&T and potluck such a success and so much fun!



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And finally, here’s Jerry wondering if he really ate all that pizza…

Here are some miscellaneous photos:

In this candid photo, we see Spencer’s Mom, Janel, praying that this meeting will end!  She should do what Bob does…take a nap!  ;-)

Finally…Feller tells the truth about the size of that fish!  ;-)  By the way, that's new guy Ryan in the background and he's still skeptical!

Here we go again…Feller is back to telling his “fish stories” to anyone who will listen.

The next model was an embarrassment to the builder and he wishes to remain anonymous.  However, the “Hi Dan” sign at the rear of the store might give his identity away!  The store sign is kinda cool….  

Spencer Kosc rocked our world with his partially built Guillow’s balsa and tissue P-40.  He’s doing a great job with it.  Hopefully, he will complete the empennage (that’s the tail section for you car guys!), paint it, and show it to us before he turns it into ashes!  Thanks, Spencer!

.After Jerry’s Feller-like tale of woe on his model, the fact that Feller had trouble with the decals on his great looking Revell 1/32 Hawker Hurricane was kind of a let down.  Sorry, Feller!  ;-)  He even went the extra mile by coating the decals with Microscale Liquid Decal Film but to no avail…they still shattered.  However, the finished product is still a sight to behold!  Thanks, Feller.  And seriously, I hope you never have another problem building a model!

You can say what you want about Danny Sutton (and boy is there a lot to say!), but he showed up with a printed info sheet on his gorgeous RMS Queen Mary.  Thanks!  Construction of the ship began in 1930 but was delayed due to the depression.  For many years, it held the speed record for a trans Atlantic crossing until the SS United States smashed the record by ten hours.  I think this is the finest ship model Danny has built to date…and I think he agrees.  Check out the rigging!  Super!