I thought we got rid of this guy!!!  I don't think he got the memo!  ;-)  But here is Keith Lemke again with an update: What turned into a simple wall mounted display has become a detailed shadow box /diorama. It's for the 65 Ford I just built. Just need to finish up a few little things and it's done. Popsicle stick, some old plywood and lots of misc... I'll send better pics when done.


​Well, it was a fun meeting.  And some members enjoyed the Payday candy bars!  See ya in two weeks!

​Mark Jahsan’s theme for the day was…eh…he didn’t say but it might be two obscure aircraft!  The plane on the left is the vacuum formed 1/48 Sierra Scale CW-22 in Netherlands East Indies service. Gorgeous!  On the right we have a 1/48 vacuum formed kit from an unknown Polish kit maker.  It is the Vultee P-66 in the Chinese Air Force markings.  This aircraft type only had one known shoot down of an enemy aircraft.  The plane was also used for advanced fighter training in the U.S..  Great job, Mark!​

​Tom “M4” Miller brought in a beautiful 1/35 Dragon USMC M7 Priest to which he added the deep-water snorkeling  which he repurposed from an old Sherman kit.  Tom said the instructions were poor but Tom has some experience building Shermans…like dozens and dozens!  Tom used Ammo by MIG paint, added five machine guns per side , armor, and Value gear packs.  There were four in the gun crew plus the driver.  Tom said this masterpiece took four weeks.  This was the Pacific War version.  Sweet!

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